Thursday, November 17, 2011

POW: It's Lindsay Muscato!

I rely on my wife for many things and value her opinion, so when she makes a suggestion, I listen, pay attention and am always better off for doing so.

My wife sent me to a blog when we first started dating, the blog of one of her friends, a former coworker from DC. Though I knew even in the first days of our relationship that my wife was my perfect match, my experience with blogs written by friends and friends of friends, was that they tended toward awkward more than not. I thought, at the time, that this would be the same, a blog/ journal of a young girl writing earnest but poorly structured posts about, well, girl subjects of little interest to me or anyone not directly associated with the writer in question.

In short, I humored a beautiful woman I was trying hard to impress because I knew we would spend our lives together if only I didn’t screw things up.

I should have known that my wife was smarter than I am, and her taste impeccable.

I was wrong to doubt.

Lindsay Muscato is talented in a way that I can only hope to be, and I say that not as a way to flatter Lindsay or to impress my wife with insincere support for one of her friends.  It’s an honest reaction to talent and talent alone. I’ve never met Lindsay but her words have certainly captured my attention.

Lindsay does not post often, but she’s been blogging for ten years and has far more posts than can be read in one sitting. Don’t expect wild and outrageous, but rather ordinary made fascinating by the ability of a writing voice that is distinctive, creative and fun. She writes about life and makes it seem shiny, even when it isn’t shiny at all. Like when her bike was stolen.

I realize that I’m trying waltz with my words when I’m more the kind of guy who shuffles and throws his hands into the air randomly and seemingly without connection to the actual music or beat. What I’m saying is that rather than trying to be more than what I am in attempt to capture the word-grace Lindsay displays, I hope that you will read a post or two that Lindsay wrote herself.

I’ll get back to my shuffle and sway and let the dancers dance. We each have our place in the writing world and I’m happy that Lindsay fills her place so well.


Karen Woodward said...

I rely on my wife for many things and value her opinion, so when she makes a suggestion, I listen, pay attention and am always better off for doing so.

:-) My first reaction was: How nice! His wife reads his blog.

Thanks for introducing me to another great blog! Cheers :)

MT Nickerson said...

Awww, thanks for the comment Karen.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

All right, gotta go check her out. Sounds good. I'm now taking all my advice from your wife as well.

Caroline Gerardo said...

I have to check out Lindsey. I've blogged since 1992 started in secret on Blogit with an alias because I was 'frady cat of my job Sometimes I think I should copy and pull all those posts on my current stream but it's too much work

Your writing is fresh and the voice of a fun and creative mind.

lindsay said...

Hi everyone -- I would love new visitors! I recently had a crazy scrape in the E.R. in Bangkok, but you can also read less-harrowing adventures here:

Michael, your wife (yay!) passed along the link, and I really couldn't be more psyched to see such awesome feedback. Like lots of artistic endeavors, I've spent a lot of time on it with no expectation that anyone other than me will find it remotely appealing. So to get a plug from someone like you is really great! Now I'm going to go read YOUR site; howdoyalikethemapples?


MT Nickerson said...

There are worse people to take advice from, Julia- like me, for example. I suck at advice. I would suggest beef jerky as a daily snack, which my wife says is terrible advice that no one should follow.

MT Nickerson said...

Thank you for your kind words, Caroline. Being nervous about jumping into the online world is natural- I feel that way daily.

MT Nickerson said...

Lindsay- been a long time reader, first time commenter. I'm glad to have you poke about- just remember that I'm still fresh as morning dew... :)