Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Put My Belly On You"

There are moments when you ask yourself, should I...

Most of the time, when faced with this level of introspection, the answer should be a resounding, ‘Hell no!’

I have poor self-restraint issues and my judgement, yeah, my judgement ain’t no great shakes, either. What I mean to say, and say plain, is that I know this a hell no moment, that I should move right along, forget the jolly but wayward voice urging me to continue, to get on with it, to go for it, already.

Your blog, big-boy. You can do as you like, that voice whispers, an almost taunt.

Like I said, my judgement...

...My wife is a beautiful woman, slim, but she doesn’t think so. She thinks she needs to be on a diet, to loose weight. We were in the midst of the South Beach diet (no carbohydrates, which is brutal) and my wife wasn’t loosing weight. I thought (and think) that her weight is fine. She is pleasing to look upon, I thought (and think) and there is no real need for weight loss. However, to say such a thing!

I give myself credit to at least know when to shut my mouth once in awhile and the weight issue is one of those times. If she thinks she needs to loose weight then nothing I say will change her mind. I kept my comments to myself and ate another green salad.

Then, while in bed (none of that, now! It ain’t that kind of blog), we were talking about the day and my wife rolled onto her side and said in a voice I wish I could replicate in words that did it justice, “I’m going to put my belly on you!”

I guess it was sort of said like the character Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movie said “get in my belly”, only, funnier.

I suppose it was a random threat that popped into her head that she clearly was willing to follow through with because she then, indeed, tried to put her belly on me.

My finger hovers over the delete button, imagining what my wife will say when she reads this. I don’t mean to make fun or embarrass her. It’s a story, a moment, that captures who we are and one of many reasons why I love my wife so much. What other woman would threaten to “put my belly on you”?

A good woman makes that kind of threat, the kind of woman a man tries to keep forever.

Laughing in bed, talking about nothing or telling secrets no one else in the world knows, those are  moments that make living worth living, the moments that amke up for the trying times, the moments that become the treasured meaning of the simple words, “I do.”


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Wow. You two love each other lots.

MT Nickerson said...

We do- but when my wife read this... Something nice for Christmas is in order, I believe!