Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rant, Gentle, Rant

I am away on my first real vacation ever. A sad thing to say, says I, considering that I am not exactly young- not old, either, but I’ve waved goodbye to my twenties and if I squint, I can see forty from where I am.

I have today a gentle rant, because I’m on my honeymoon and I’m feeling gentle and relaxed. But rant? Yes, even gently, I feel I must rant a bit.

But you’re on your honeymoon, I hear you say (yes, I hear the voices and respond, but this my blog, my rant, so admonishment will not stop me, not even a minor pause). Yes, I am on my honeymoon, living the life in New Zealand, my first full day here after an arduous journey. But still.

This is my first ever real vacation.

Why is that? Sure, I’m comfortable staying at home, reading a book, being a homebody, so there’s that to include in the equation. I don’t necessarily seek out travel. But mainly, the reason I stay close to home is a matter of money. It’s expensive to travel and I’m just a poor boy from Maine.

And there’s that as well, too. It costs money to get out of the state of Maine, just so you can spend money to get somewhere else. Flights are more expensive in Maine and it is at least five hours to get to Boston, which means paying for parking if you want to fly- another expense, another headache.

So, I hear those voices again, asking so what? What is this rant about?

I’ll tell you, then. I wonder how we can become culturally diverse when it is so damn costly to get anywhere. I have no solution, no demands, just this vague notion that the world isn’t getting smaller at all. Most of us can’t travel freely and all we can really hope for is that the internet remains vibrant and accessible and continues to grow in terms of interactivity.

Not that I would rather visit New Zealand virtually of course. I’m glad I’m here, but in the future, no guarantees that I will ever get the chance to return and that, folks, that is worth a little rant, don’t you think?


LK Watts said...

Hi Michael,

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage. Secondly, I don't think we could be more different if we tried. I don't mean this offensively, btw.
Is travelling overseas all about the money? When I travelled 3 quarters of the world I did it relatively cheaply. But to do this I couldn't stay in luxury, I had to rough it for the majority of my backpacking days. Obviously I understand that poor levels of accommodation are not acceptable for this holiday - it is your honeymoon of course. But I am very glad I travelled;it was one of the best times of my life,and I have written a book about travelling Australia. I am currently writing my 2nd about my time in Canada.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your time away.

farawayeyes said...

Sit back and enjoy the ride. It's only money. Husband and I decided we really wanted to see the world so we move somewhere for a few years. Making my way around the world one island at a time.

I know it's not for everybody, but living in paradise we see so many people spend so much to come here for such a short time and then complain about everything (the service in restaurants is incredibly slow, standards in hotels is vastly different from the states, rental cars are through the roof and sometimes in really poor condition and we drive on the left). But hey it's paradise, you're here and the view and beach are already paid for. Relax, at least where I live, the rum is cheap, even if it is always gone.

You may never pass this way again, so...

Go ahead block me from your site if I spoiled your rant. I know sometimes you just gotta rant. I usually howl instead.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Live in the moment. A million things can happen between now and tomorrow. Therefore, savor where you are right now.
Maine is hell and gone from anywhere except Canada. Don't sweat it.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Michael, for - goodness - sake, stop worrying about things and enjoy your blasted holiday!

There's time enough to think about the reality of the world when you get back home from New Zealand.

Now, go and visit Hobbiton. As you were :)

SCG said...

Guest Moderator here. (Aka the new brother in law.) Thanks everyone for your comments, and I am sure they will whip him into shape when he reads them once he regains internet access. Rest assured he is relaxed and having a good time, I had two glasses of Talisker sent to his (and my sisters) table their first night in Auckland, so that will loosen him up a bit! Check back for more posts soon.

Written Words said...

I think the world is getting smaller, but lately, travel has been getting both more expensive and less enjoyable.
The destinations are great, even better than ever, and there are more places in the world more accessible than ever before. But the travel industry, especially the airlines, seems to be going out of their way to make traveling less enjoyable, even arduous.
I'm not talking just about security here, although I think most of the measures are ridiculous. But service people, such as air stewards ,are generally unpleasant; counter people are unhelpful and rude, and most people cannot even answer simple questions.
I hope you enjoy your time in NZ! And do consider Canada for a future trip that won't take as long to get to, at least from Maine.

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks folks for the comments- I was certainly enjoying my time as this was posted. I was in Auckland, drinking wine, shopping and (thank you very much Shawn for that Talisker) having a wonderful meal with my wife.

Getting places is expensive is the gist of my rant, I suppose. I have no problem roughing it, but sometimes coming up with plane fare is tough. Of course, for this trip, we didn't want to nickle and dime our trip. We wanted nice meals, great views and even better wine.

MT Nickerson said...

Written Words- My wife and I went to Quebec City for three days immediately after our wedding and next year we plan to go to PEI for a week (she has family there and it is really beautiful). Definitely making Canada a destination.