Saturday, November 12, 2011

Suave Writer? No, Just Lame

Text message in the late afternoon on a Friday. The message is from a cousin who informs my wife that a close friend is having a spontaneous birthday party that night. The in-laws are coming over to our house to have a quick dinner and to look at our wedding pictures.

The in-laws  leave (great, great luck I had there, I can easily say). My wife and I look at each other, look at the clock on the wall, see that it’s almost 8:00 PM and when our eyes meet again, the decision is made. Way too late to go traipsing about on a Friday night. “If we had known earlier...” “Wish this was happening on a Saturday night instead” “It takes forty minutes to get there and by that time...”

We watched Harry Potter  on tv instead. I was snoring in bed by 9:30 and my wife (who most definitely does not snore, and I want to stress this point, not because she reads my blog, but because I feel it important to represent the truth and... my wife is very beautiful. Have I mentioned that I love her a great deal... You know, folks? Forget I mentioned snoring at all, ok?)

So basically, we’re lame. I’m fine with that since, well, I’ve always been lame. I’m just worried that I’m corrupting my wife in the lameness department.

Right now, though, it is difficult to focus on anything beyond my trip to New Zealand. That should count in our favor in terms of anti-lameness, if that makes sense. New Zealand seems like a cool place to visit and I’m stoked a bit about knocking around a golf ball in December at the Arrowtown Golf Club. Remeber, folks, I’m from Maine. Golf after mid-September can be unpleasant and the mud in the spring makes golf almost impossible.

So here’s to anti-laming and going on trips and writing and loving the great people around us. Being of meager financial means is ok when you remember that love can’t be purchased, but moments can be stolen.

I’m going to steal a moment, go kiss my wife, and start the day a little less lame.


JaseR75 said...

One of my most favorite blog posts I've ever read!

MT Nickerson said...

Well, thank you, sir! Appreciate the comment.

Patricia Lynne said...

Sounds like me on a Friday night too. Totally not lame. ;)

And going to New Zealand??? Lucky.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Snoring? Did somebody say snoring? Must have heard wrong. Sounds like one of our Friday nights! Lame. My husband and I are totally lame. Watched The King's Speech - the DVD was messed up so I was in bed by 10. Oh so lame.
But your trip will be not-lame!

Galit Breen said...

You get bonus points for *not* mentioning snoring and for New Zealand.

Fun post. :)

MT Nickerson said...

My wife wants to stress that she most definitely does not snore. And maybe in the future mentioning snoring in connection with her is better avoided. So- no snoring except me in our house. It has been said, it will be done.

Thank you :)

Linda Rogers said...

Ha, I love your term, "anti-lameness." This is a catchy word. I think we bloggers should start using this term in friendship circles and get this to become the new "fad word."

MT Nickerson said...

I do need all the help I can get in the anti-lameness category, Linda!