Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking A Snow Day

I’m taking a snow day.

I’m taking a packing day.

I’m taking a cleaning day.

The second significant snow storm of the season, a day before my New Zealand trip and now I’m nervous that travel will be an issue, that bad roads will slow, something will be fouled up and I will be disappointed.

I’m taking a manic-me day.

I can’t get my trip off my mind so I suppose, when that happens, you go with the it, right? Just like with any writing endeavor, really. Sometimes the book words don’t come, but the short story words do, or the blog words are slow and the poetry dost flow. Writing is fickle at times, so being picky, forcing words that aren’t there, sometimes that isn’t the best approach. Writing is about creativity and finding a way to produce positive word counts is aprt of the creative challenge.

New Zealand is on my mind, so why shake it, why forsake it, why deny what’s on my mind?

My wife and I will be going to Hobbiton, because, if you’ve read the blog at all, you know I’m a geek and what better way to add geekness to a honeymoon, than a visit with the Hobbits?

We’re going to have dinner in the sky.

We will ride the ferry to Picton and cruise the Cook Strait on our way to a vineyard where we will drink wine and relax. And perhaps we will go on a bike ride, or just sit all day on the back porch reading books and talking.

We’re not staying in Christchurch, which is a disappointment, but the earthquakes have been terrible. We hope to stop and have dinner and our flight to Auckland on our last day leaves from Christchurch.

We will go on a glacier hike just to remind ourselves of the snow and cold that awaits us at home.

In Queenstown we will play golf and dry not to be juvenile when playing hole four, called Nobby Dick (a loosing battle already for me, folks).

We might bungee. Check that, my wife might bungee. Not sure about myself.

Then we will see Milford Sound, a place some call the eighth wonder of the world.

Then, my wife and I will come home, come back to the snow and the cold and perhaps, come back to another opportunity for me to take a snow day.


farawayeyes said...

Sounds nice,have fun.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this! Have a safe trip and have fun. My childish side kicked in on the 'hole four' comment... *laughs*

Monique said...

Safe travels, post pictures!

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks for the comments, folks. I will have plenty of stories and pictures upon my return. I have a few guest bloggers set up in my absence and my brother-in-law is going to curate the blog in my absence- treat him well, please... :)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I know the two of you will have an amazing experience. Trip of a lifetime. Be sure to tell us all about it.
Enjoy the snow while you wait! Pretty!

MT Nickerson said...

Unfortunately, Julia, my wife is snowed out; our house is on a private road on top of a steep hill and she can't come home until the plow guy arrives. Very sad. I'm enjoying the falling snow and a fire... :)

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Hey Michael, just swinging by to wish you a safe flight. I hope you have a great time in my gorgeous little corner of the world. Your itinerary sounds fantastic!

PS. Watch out for the sheep. We have lots of sheep. 40 million the last we took a head count :)

MT Nickerson said...

More worried about the Kea- or maybe I should make the Kea an ally against the sheep...

Less than twelve hours before my wife and I hit the road.

(And Wendy, though I won't probably be able to promote much on twitter- check out my pick of the week Dec. 8th- just sayin')