Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, POW

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US, and happy Thursday to all the rest.

As the day unfolds, I will be in full travel mode, winging my way from the east coast of the United States to the west coast before taking the big flight over the ocean, on my way to New Zealand. My wife, who faithfully reads all my blog posts, will have to wait two weeks before she has a chance to read this, so I will admit, as we start our journey, that there are nerves working.

I joked with my mother that my wife and I would be over to her house to say goodbye- just in case the plane crashes, so we can have that final moment together. She didn’t think it was funny and you know what, folks? Neither do I.

I don’t fly. I’ve been trying to avoid thoughts of getting on a plane and spending 24 hours of my life suspended in air thousands of feet above ground and sea. What I’m saying is, I’m scared of the flight and my natural pessimism assumes the worst, like a horrible explosion.

Balanced as I am on this edge of fear, and on this day of Thanksgiving, I think of family and friends. Sorry for the gloom, and if you want, feel free to shake a fist at the device on which you are reading this post and curse me for a fiend. I deserve that, I know.

Sorry for the long preamble, the length it has taken me to get to any sort of point, but thoughts of finality, thoughts of holiday, thoughts of family, all these jumbled bits jostling for coherence and attention have scattered my focus. Thursdays have been my unofficial day to pick a Person(pick) Of the Week. I can’t do that this week. I want instead to choose people of the week, people of a life.

My family and friends keep me going on a daily basis, keep me functioning such as I do and they are the ones who I want to single out this week.

To my brothers, to my sisters, my aunts, uncles, nieces and nephew, cousins and closest acquaintances, to my mother, my in-laws, to my father who I think of always: I choose you, I love you, always.

Thank you.

Happy holiday, happy Thursday and most of all, a happy heart filled with affection for those in my life.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

You will have a fantastic trip. Flying, for those of us who are fearful, is a leap of faith. I went from loving to fly, to being terrified, to being A-Okay with it once again.
The trip is worth it. And next time, get some Ativan to take with you.
See you when you get back!

MT Nickerson said...

I did surprisingly well on the flights- all seven of them!