Sunday, December 11, 2011

Final Sunday Rant: Back Home

I post this at midnight, Sunday morning and if plans work out, I will be on the tail end of an epic day as my wife and I cross the date line and compress two days into the space of 24 hours.

As this posts, I will be in a car, approaching the Maine border, still three hours from home.

I would gladly make this trip last as long as possible because, you know folks, vacations just don’t last long enough. How did the time go by so fast? Why do the good times fly and the bad times linger?

I’m being petulant, I know that. I want work-less days to continue, to have my wife on my arm and to travel where the weather is warm and the culture different enough to be a wonder.

Some of you will read this as my thoughts re-adjust post-vacation. I will find my bed, spend the day sleeping and tomorrow?

I go back to work.

Oh, to be footloose and fancy free... color me depressed, folks.

I need to ear about someone’s holiday cheer, their travel plans. I need to know all the joy hasn’t abandoned the world (yes, that last bit was too much, but, at this particular moment, I don’t care, so there).

And... I’m done. Time for dreams of what was...


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

So it was great, right? Say it was great...

MT Nickerson said...

Better, Julia. I set the bar up as high as I could reach for this trip and though I feared disappointment, it was a misplaced fear because it turns out that the bar was still too low. The trip was better than I could possibly imagine.