Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting (Dodge) Rammed In Virginia

Not being one who has ventured far, I can say with authority that I am no authority. I’m a bad traveller. If I don’t know the road, I get frustrated, nervous, I get those god-awful sweat stains under my arms, I’m irritable and generally not much fun.

I hate driving long distance, but I would rather be the driver than the driven. Car sick- car nausea really. I tend to look out the side window and get that sick feeling in my stomach, so yeah, not much fun. My wife is a saint by travelling anywhere with me.

So. We drove to Virginia from Maine with an overnight stop in Connecticut. I’ve set the stage enough, right? Long road trip, me a putz and lousy traveller, me uncomfortable in unknown areas... no suspense, then.

My wife, myself, my brother-in-law and his then girlfriend (now fiancee, and good on both of them for that), are almost at our destination, on our way to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for our friend’s wedding. We stop at a stop light and then, “Well, that just happened.” A low key statement from my brother-in-law from the backseat following the ramming we took from, ironically, the Dodge Ram pickup that neglected to stop with the rest of the traffic.

Did I mention my uncle died just before I left on this trip? That his funeral was the following day? That I found out he died in a Wal-Mart parking lot as I was leaving my hometown for this trip?

(Back story, folks, back story.)

An ordeal ensued. We waited for the police, we waited more, we waited yet longer. We were glad none of us were bleeding or in anyway injured. The length of time it took to get assistance, we could have bled out even with the barest superficial wound.

Upset and stranded, we began the wedding weekend. We were half- a step off for the rest of our trip and as a consequence, we never really got back on track. We visited Monticello, went to a great wedding reception, met great people, and yet, it wasn’t until we were gone that we realized that Virginia wasn’t a bad place to visit.

Isn’t that the way? The first time you go to a place, you are finding your way around and you have no real idea what you like until you’ve reviewed it later. You say, ‘Wish we went... wish we did... wish we had...’

At least that was how it went for me. There are no guarantees, I guess and I wish (see, even now I wish) that going on vacation meant having a great time. There are no guarantees, so the options are to enjoy the adventure or stay home.

Getting rammed was nearly enough to convince me to stay home. Nearly.


SCG said...

And Josslyn's poor glasses were never the same.

MT Nickerson said...

Sadly. Great wedding, though, after the whole rear-ending and family death and all... :)