Monday, December 12, 2011

The Monday I Was Lazy

Me-- and a large tree, Queenstown

I’m still on New Zealand time, still infatuated with a vacation better than my words can describe, still locked in a floaty kind of second reality where time is fluid and something like a blog deadline matters hardly at all.

I meant to be disciplined, intentionally left my Monday blog post unwritten- maybe as a challenge, maybe a test of character or fortitude, but certainly I meant to post far earlier than this.

I wanted to get my thanks said to my guest bloggers, to say hello to readers old and new, to say I appreciate the folks who kept coming back even when I didn’t answer. I wanted to say also that I’m sorry ( in an insincere but well-intentioned, formally polite way if that is at all possible), sorry that in truth, unconnected for two weeks from the internet, that I didn’t think of this blog at all.

Everything outside of my wife, my trip, was insignificant. And it was wonderful.

I have lots to say, but at the moment, I want to pretend that life continues to be hotel rooms, wine, dinner in low-lit rooms, windy roads and my wife. At the moment, the trip is still just ours, or mostly ours. I know I should share (and I want to share) but for now, I’m jealous. I want the memories to be undissected and pure.

Tomorrow, folks.

I took a packing day, a snow day, a me day, the day before I left. I think I’ll take a happy, still in bliss day the day after.

Relaxed, fulfilled, happy.


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

I'm so delighted to hear you say, 'that I didn’t think of this blog at all'.

Good stuff. That's what holidays are all about. Look forward to your upcoming posts!

Sleep well. Dream lots :)

MT Nickerson said...

Slept two hours- felt like a nap. Still on NZ time. Feels like 5 in the evening.

I really would love to jump on a plane and head back and just screw this jet lag, but... I'll just have to deal, I guess.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Enjoy your bliss. Float as long as you want.