Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday With Mikayla #2

And since it is Monday and also since I am still on vacation, for the second time I offer up this Monday for my 9 year old niece. She has a few stories, a few jokes (of questionable humor, I might say) and odds and bits for your reading pleasure.

Here is Mikayla:

My Kingdom

I live in a kingdom under my bed. I rule there, I get everything I’ve ever wanted. The creatures that live there are amazing. They look cool looking.Some are purple, blue, red, brown or green.
Like green slimy slugs here’s a picture of it: In my kingdom only I get to fight ninjas because I’ve always wanted to until I found the kingdom under my bed. Oh, my mom is coming bye!

A run away sock

Hi I’m a sock my name is Mrs.Smelly. I got out of the washer.
But I’m still a little damp because I got out of the washer.
I’m pink with a green stripes. I think my brother, Mr. Stink is
sooooooo smelly he never gets washed because Tom the boy
who always and I mean always wears him so this is like his
first time getting washed. Gross isn’t it? I can not sleep with
him because then I would
start to stink too. Good bye. I found a video game shop. See
you later!

The monster under the bed?

A perfect Christmas morning

This would be my perfect Christmas morning:

When I wake up on Christmas morning, I want to smell cinnamon buns. And, it’s all snowy and the house is all warm and cozy. I’ll have hot chocolate and a cinnamon bun. Oh, it will be so yummy for my tum, tum, tummy! I wonder who will find the Christmas Pickle ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. I said pickle! Me love pickles! Ya go pickle yo go pickle! I love Christmas mornings they are the best mornings ever! Bye!

And thus concludes Monday with Mikayla...


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hi Mikayla! You have the most interesting things to say! Keep on telling your stories!

SCG said...

I think this may become a new weekly insert into this blog!

MT Nickerson said...

I think it would be easy at this point to convince Mikayla to be a permanent part of the blog. She would happily take over for me if I asked!