Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Are For Suckers

Resolve to make no resolutions this coming year. (Not that I’m telling anyone what to do, because hey, I barely function taking care of myself without having all of you to mind as well.)

New Year’s resolutions do not work. Saying, ‘I will write 500 words everyday’ is pointless, ineffectual, lazy, stupid and so many more negative adjectives that if I were to write them all out, we all would be crying in despair and probably would not be capable of coming out of our collective despondency until sometime in the next New Year.

So I won’t dwell on how resolutions are such stinkers and how they hold us back instead of propelling us forward.

All I want to say is, ‘Don’t resolve, solve’.

(I imagine someone else has already coined that phrase, though I’ve never heard it. Usually I am happy as a pig in mud, thinking I was all original, only to realize later that I am instead, rather late to the party.)

If all you have is a statement and a desire, you really only have air that you can’t hold onto, you can’t make anything with and in the end, statements and desire are two words to describe failure. What you need is a plan and a system in which to implement the plan.

So, if you want to write 500 words a day as a writer, you have to ask yourself the question of, ‘Why’? When you know the why, then ask, ‘How’? Then, ‘When’? And then? Make it happen.

Being resolute with your second mixed drink in your belly on New Year’s Eve is easy; getting the desired result is hard.

Unless of course you secretly have no desire to act upon your resolution, and all you want to do is have an answer to give to shut everyone else up when they ask, ‘What’s your resolution’? Because, you know, telling people to ‘Go to hell and mind your business’ is not socially acceptable no matter the situation so in that case, resolutions are the better option.

For everyone else, don’t bother with the resolutions this year. Their not worth the effort.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I think I'll be satisfied with intentions.

MT Nickerson said...

Intentions are a good starting point, Julia- intentions that develop into planful habits.