Thursday, December 8, 2011

POW: It's Wendy AKA Quillfeather!

As regular readers know, I am in New Zealand as this post first appears, and though I question whether to do a regular Pick Of the Week when I can’t actively promote my pick, I feel justified in this case. For one, I’ll be home soon, and I can always play a little catch up when I do get back to the states. Second, I want to mention a native writer of New Zealand and third, to mention someone who has done me the favor of mentioning me on her blog.

Wendy AKA Quillfeather has the same tag in front of her bio that I do; aspiring. She has a book that is done ‘bar editing’ and a bad-ass designed website. Her ‘cave’ is much like what I imagine I will see while in New Zealand (except the caves I’m going into with be with multiple other tourists, gawking and oohing and ahhhing, as I suspect I will be doing myself).

Wendy was one of the first to visit my blog and I will say, as I review some of her comments, a saucy addition to the comments section. She certainly put me in my place on a few occasions, especially when I neglected to reciprocate the follow back on her blog (sorry again, Wendy- an unthinking oversight).

Make your way to the bottom of the cave and discover the link to what Wendy is writing (pretty cool, pretty fun, guaranteed).

Now, Wendy doesn’t update much, but... well, I’ll let her speak for herself:

“I don't quite understand your dilemma. Whilst you blog every day, many don't have the time to stop by on a regular basis, let alone post themselves. Me for one. That is not to say I/we do not enjoy your posts.

But, at the end of the day, this is your blog and you can do whatever you bloody well like, good sir :)

Oh, just one more thing ... I very rarely look at the links on other peoples sidebar. I can pretty much figure out who I want to follow for myself - thank you very much :)

No, thank you very much, Wendy. To the point, direct and most importantly, unapologetic. And I appreciate that, and you.

So, my fellow writer on the other side of the world from me, I say good luck in your endeavors, but also a very grateful thanks.


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Haha! What a darling! You're way too kind! I must stop doing these so often !!! :)

Glad I've been a small dose of entertainment, good sir :)

You've just reminded me to post more than, oh I don't know, more than once a month - or two. Crikey!

Hope you've had a nice time in my little corner of the world?

Thanks once again for the mention, Michael :)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

If you recommend Wendy, she must be good!

MT Nickerson said...

Wendy is a joy, Julia. I look forward to her comments and her posts when she, ahem, writes them...:)

And Wendy, I said before my trip that New Zealand was a once in a lifetime experience. I lied. I really need to go back. Amazing.