Monday, February 13, 2012

A Pause To Reflect On Reflection

Ever consider the possibility that at some point you may never have another unique thought, that everything new in your life you will have thought, and then have to live the remainder of your life in a monotonous replay of highlights? The best we can hope is to be interested enough in the re-hash that for short moments we can pretend that originality is overrated.

Or so I worry as I try to project my mind into the future.

The problem with worrying about such things is that it forces the exact situation that I worry is going to happen on that ‘some day’. Here I am, thinking of all the thoughts I can remember having, the major themes, the hopes and the fears and-

“-hey, maybe that’s new, huh? I’m sure I haven’t thought that.”

Round and round, worry and worry more. That definitely isn’t new for me, the worry about nothing. Certainly the worry about nothing I can do anything about. So the best thing to do is to do nothing, I suppose.

For now, I do have something original, even if I have to dredge it up with a tow chain sometimes. I’m sure I do.

A long preamble to say that getting mired in meaningless mind-mud serves no purpose. It remains a reality, though, that getting stuck in patterns of behavior and thought is so damn easy that days can be wasted thinking that because hours pass and shit is getting done that somehow that means there is an accumulation of productive shit getting done.

That isn’t always the case.

So don’t let that trap spring on you, folks. An ounce of prevention... or in this case, a moment of reflection is worth days of what you think is production. Or something like that anyway.

So I’m in reflection mode. Forgive me as I pause and wonder, “Have I reflected on this before?”


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Read Replay, by Ken Grimwood.

MT Nickerson said...

Never got a reading assignment before on the blog, but the book looks good so I just ordered it... :) Thanks Julia!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...