Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Things That Make Me Sad

My goal: run faster. Wife's goal: make me look like Beckham

There are two things I find sad as I begin week one of running:

1. It has been so long since I ran last, I am unsure where I put my running shoes

2. I was super excited to break ten minutes for the mile

Yeah, sad, I know. And I still haven’t found my shoes, but I think that I have them cornered and soon they will be mine again. In the meantime, I have run three miles, (total, Folks, in two days, which might a third sad thing) and have done so on the treadmill wearing my socks.

My first afternoon running came immediately after I assembled the new treadmill I bought last week, a nifty but low-priced rig from Wal-Mart. I wanted to run. I’m not sure why I haven’t been running because I love to run, love how I feel and how it drains me of tension, love to lose myself as the miles unwind.

That sounds nice, right? Almost poetic, noble even, or heroic.

The reality?

That first time I climbed on the treadmill, I was wearing socks and jeans and I thought I was cranking, but when I looked at the time, I knew I had to step up the pace to manage a paltry 9:40. But that 9:40 felt like a victory.

Then the next night, still not sure where I stored my shoes, I went for round two, again in my socks and wearing jeans. I ran for ten minutes in the shed (with oak hardwood floors, loft and some pretty effing nice windows, too) and feeling a bit restricted, I decided to shed the jeans. So here I am, boxers and socks in my really nice shed, watching the Food Network (because hey, every shed needs cable) and even I have to admit that the situation is rather ridiculous.

I now have a to do list so that my third day I am not in my really nice shed running on my new treadmill in my socks and boxer shorts. (And to answer the question, I haven’t misplaced my running shorts, but... well, I guess there are not buts. It is my shed, though, and I suppose if I want to run in my boxers, that’s my prerogative.)

I need to get my shoes, set some goals, concentrate on getting my speed back. And hope I don’t have any peepers in the neighborhood.

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