Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winged Shoes Would Be Sweet

Not certain if writing about running is tiresome or not, but of late it has been on my mind, and as a consequence, I am excited and can think few other thoughts. I have a race in two months, a 5k that I have done two years in a row and this year with be my third. It’s called the Flattop and is usually held a couple weeks earlier than it will be this year, possibly because the temperature in Maine in mid-March can be brutal. Not sure of last year, but two years ago it was only 20реж F.

As a first race of the season, the Flattop is brutal, what with the cold and the fact that winter weight is damn stubborn weight, especially after a typical Maine winter.

Last year I ran with my brother who is new to racing and so I ran slower than I could have, but in 2010, I ran my all and still managed a slow 22:34. This year, I want to go below twenty minutes.

Blah, blah, blah, yes, I know. I drone and no one really cares, but... here I am, feeling old and slow and serious.

I cranked a 5:33 mile last May, so the question I have to ask myself is whether I can string three miles together while maintaining a per mile pace just under a minute slower. And Folks, I really want to say yes.

Once upon a time, I ran in the eighteen minute range for a 5k.  

Two months to train.

Oh, I found my shoes, so I have that going for me and on another positive note, after being married, I suddenly found out that secretly I harbored opinions on towels. Never knew before that I had opinions on towels. All it took to make this discovery about myself? My wife asked, “What do you think of these?”

Bammo!, instant discovery of towel-opinion ability. I guess if I can suddenly learn of hidden talents in my thirties, then a sub-twenty minute 5k is within reach, too.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Damn nice to have you back, man! Don't stay away so long! And good luck with the race. Could be slushy.

MT Nickerson said...

Thanks, Julia. I promise to do better in the future and not disappear for so long.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

You can disappear if you like. I just missed you. Selfish, huh?

MT Nickerson said...

Awww :)