Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School: Redux

Between emotional extremes, life continues, unfinished, uncertain, frightening but marvelous.

Yesterday I met with my academic advisor, a woman I have not seen in a decade, and together we poured over my college transcripts to decide my best course of action for the upcoming semester. Yes, indeed. I’m returning to school.

The run from the parking lot (in which I parked illegally, as I did almost my entire career in college) was longer than I remembered. I was late as usual, a steady reminder that even older, I still misjudge the travel time from my hometown to the university. I never seem to factor in the parking and walking portion of the trip, a rather important portion of the equation. Perhaps this time I will learn more and reform.

Or not. I muddled through the first time.

From english major, to maintenance man, to possible teacher. A longer path than I anticipated with a destination I hadn’t expected, but there you go, Folks. Life in all the vagaries, in all the guises and missteps and exaltations, is nothing in the end except life. My life in this case.

I start next week back to the grind, taking education courses while planning for my ultimate goal of getting into a masters program next summer. Then an intense year in which being broke will be an aspiration as the hunger will prod me to achieve that wonderful prize at the end; a chance to teach secondary school.

Let that sink in. Jealous?

Me, I’m equal parts fear and excitement. But that’s life, isn’t it? We just have to find a way to live it the best we can.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Go for it! And good luck!

nancy said...

wow. this makes me think of my fav vintage store in Toronto: Courage My Love. and you've got it. in spades. i wish you all the best with this endeavour. but moreso, i wish it for your future students. they will, no doubt, enefit from your innate passion to return and pursue this. kudos.

MT Nickerson said...

Thank you Nancy and Julia. If all goes as planned, I will begin a new profession at the grand age of 38. Quite a jump from maintenance man to high school teacher but I should use my English degree at some point in my life, I suppose. Might as well use on the youth of the nation...