Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Season Starts And I'm Undefeated

I'm imagining I'm in the blimp... how about you?
Man, it's fantasy football time and that has definitely sucked up my time today. I could be doing so much more with my life than trying to decide if it's worth dropping the veteran Carson Palmer from Cincy for the rookie QB Russel Wilson in Seattle. No way Wilson continues to stay as hot as he was in the last preseason game, but geez, Palmer burned me last year, never producing when I really needed him. I have Peyton Manning and can only hope that he is super motivated after sitting last year.

Then there's running back considerations. Lots of backups to pick up but few front line guys. Is Cedric Benson going for a thousand yards this year? Who knows.

Why stress over fantasy football you may ask (and if you are, I understand and release you from further reading)? The answer is pride and the chance to get a trophy and admiration of all those who know me and quite possibly somewhere in the mix world peace may be achieved. I'll start with the trophy and let the rest sort out as best it can.

Last year I was fifth and though fifth out of twelve seems bad (mediocre if you are so kind), if you only knew the rubbage I had to struggle with all year, the crummy luck, the possible collusion between unnamed owners in my league who wanted me to lose even more than they wanted to win. Terrible is the life of a marked man.

I feel like a star QB with a target painted in florescent paint on my back and on my front.

But this is my year, Folks, my time for glory. I'll be able to shake my fist to the sky where the football gods dwell and claim my victory in manly defiance, my wounds packed with dirt but my courage unquestioned.

All that is left to be said is, "bring it on!"

(Was that too much? I tried for subtle but maybe I over stepped a wee bit. What do you think?)


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Not doing it this year. Our league disbanded. But next year, yeah, all in! Bring it on!

MT Nickerson said...

Not doing fantasy football? Oh no...!