Saturday, August 18, 2012

Of Carts & Horses: Writer Woes

The horse before (Des)cart(es)? 
You know Folks, the saying, ‘Don’t put your cart before the horse’? Yeah? Well I figured out the reason this past year and guess what? The reason isn’t because it’s hard for a horse to push that cart, because really, horses are big strong animals and if they want to push a damn cart, well, I guess that cart will get pushed.

No, the real reason you don’t put the cart before the horse is simple:


That’s right. As you get busy arranging that cart, turning your back for just a minute, a mere tick of time, that ungrateful horse just ups and leaves. And let me tell you Folks, chasing down a horse once it has a head on and he’s full of thoughts of freedom and green pastures elsewhere, well, that takes time and dedication.

So, I’ve been chasing that damn horse for the better part of a year and trying to situate things better so I don’t, in the future, waste even more time running around in the puckerbrush cursing the horse, myself and life in general.

There is a better way that I hope I found which will make life so much easier and allow me to finally get my cart rolling in the direction I intended.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Are you back? Yes? I hope?

MT Nickerson said...

I found myself in a dark room with roommates who had names like Inadequacy, No One Cares and Who The Fuck Are You, You Pretentious Neverwas Calling Yourself A Writer.

And I've been on vacation a lot too, you know, in between living in the dark room and all.