Sunday, August 19, 2012

One (magical) Year And Counting

We can go to many beautiful places in our lives, but no where can we go that is magical unless we go with someone we love. 

I went to many magical places this past year.

I love you, Shayna.

Stonington, Maine. Photo: Dana Moos

The year begins August 13, 2011 in Stonington, Maine at a small church next to the ocean.

Quebec City. Photo: Ilmarin

Immediately following the wedding, we headed to Quebec City for a three day mini-moon. No snow in August, but who really cares about weather on a mini-moon, right?

Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo: Shayna Nickerson

Thanksgiving. November 2011. There was snow when we left Maine but after a full 33 hrs of travel, we found ourselves in a place we both fell in love with. Oh New Zealand, how we wish you were closer.

Seventeen days for a honeymoon were not enough.

Connecticut. Photo: David Rumsey

Seven hours away is Connecticut, and my brother-in-law, and his new wife, and their two dogs, and their cat and several friends, and, well, we make this trip often. Often enough that I can't give a specific number. But yet as often as we go, it never seems enough.

Prince Edward Island. Photo: Smulan77

Who knew that camping in June on Prince Edward Island with a puppy would prove to be such a wonderful trip? I kind of miss the tent but not the puppy teeth.

Newport, Rhode Island. Photo: NJYachtCharters1

A music festival in July proved an adventure and also that we have lots to learn, like arriving much, much earlier than we thought. 

The folk festival crowd? Dedicated. We'll have to work smarter next year to carve out a space a bit closer to the stage. And maybe learn to hold any bathroom urges because those port-a-potties were life scarring. 

Quebec City. Photo: Mark Windrim

Back again, but instead of a mini-moon, we celebrate our first anniversary in a city that has great food, great wine and most important, a kick ass mall where if one were inclined, he could carry bags of heavy stuff for his beautiful wife for hours and hours.

Magical places, Folks... 

Here's hoping you all find your own magical destinations. 


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Beautiful. What a tribute to an amazing year.

MT Nickerson said...

Easy to pay tribute, Julia, when one is given such great inspiration. All I can on that... :)

Shayna said...

Love you, babe. ;)