Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crawl Space Brewery

The kitchen counter is not an appropriate, wife-approved, spot to start my nano-brewery. And though I’m not sure my wife has discovered them, I would guess non-approval extends to the spare bedroom where currently thirty or forty bottles are gently resting in their four week bottle-conditioning phase, as they await drinking. There was a definite firm no when the subject of banana wine was brought up, especially when I explained the two year process it took for that particular concoction took to reach the height of drinking perfection.

(To my brother-in-law: banana wine is not a prison wine, but rather a drink for the more adventurous home brewer- and would probably be delicious if I were only allowed to make some.)

Oh the wine these could make...
Space in my house is rather limited and with both the kitchen and spare bedroom off-limits (along with, I would assume, my wife’s office and our bedroom) I felt the need to expand my options in a creative way. Hence the brilliant thought that the crawl space under the house would be an acceptable alternative.

Now, I’m not weird and you have to understand that by crawl space I don’t literally mean one has to shimmy around on hands and knees amongst the spiders and muck (like here). There’s actually a solid three and half to four feet of space under the house, but the ledge prevents a full, honest to god basement.

I’m thinking, Why not?

My wife is thinking (and saying out loud with eyes and mouth), “That is one of your worst and most ridiculous ideas ever. Don’t tell anyone else or the men with the butterfly nets will come after you.”

I still think, This is feasible. Besides, my other brother-in-law completely endorses the concept of Crawl Space Brewery as a kick-ass name for a nano-brewery.

My wife says our brother-in-law’s opinion doesn’t actually count as a full opinion as he’s equally as idiotic as myself. In other words, putting both our opinions together doesn’t measure up to a single, intelligent person’s opinion and therefore is quite meaningless.

I’m still on the fence, because, you know, there’s lots of beer to be brewed and come on, isn’t banana wine worth the effort?


Anonymous said...

I think it's a quirky idea, and I'm all about quirky. Banana wine? Sounds yummy!

MT Nickerson said...

Yummy enough for a two year commitment? Yeah, I think so, too.