Monday, June 17, 2013

Stuck in the Middle of the Education System

Too dumb for college, too smart for the workforce. Feel Like a Michael Jackson song, just stuck in the middle.

I was hoping that having had some recent experience with college last Fall, that would ease my transition into graduate school. The results thus far have been poor. A two week course to start things off and I’m supposed to learn all about educational psychology? Two tests, a paper and an oral group report all in those two weeks, too and if you don’t think my head is spinning, then let me tell you, I can confirm a speedy revolution, folks.

Maybe it is the early morning work schedule, the attempt to cram forty hours of work into each week plus attend class (an hours drive away) and deal with all the regular day to day stuff. Getting up at four hasn’t been easy and after more than a month, it doesn’t appear to be getting easier any time soon. I remember a day when I could stay up for two days straight and still have a bit of brain power to function.

Now I need a nap at noon time or I get cranky.

Yesterday at work, I spent fourteen hours agonizing over a take home test/ paper that is due today. There was minimal explanation and though in the past I would have powered through- I mean, come on, fourteen hours on one paper?. Yesterday I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. Maybe I have reached my upper limit of education. Maybe my mind is full-up.

Or maybe I’m just a maintenance man at heart and I should forget this masters program in education. I should be mopping classroom floors instead of standing on them and pretending to be a teacher.

Or maybe, like any endeavor, you just have to suck it up, put on the blinders, and do the best you can.