Friday, October 25, 2013

After All This Time, My Heart Beats The Same

Early morning and for the first time in a long time, I am forced to sit and do nothing. No responsibility as I ride in the back seat of the car on the way to a conference. Usually I drive everywhere, but I'm carpooling and rather than randomly Pin in Pinterest, her I am, typing one finger at at a time on my iPhone.

Side thought- am I a hipster for blogging in the back of a Subaru on an iPhone? A fanboy? A tech geek? I need a label, quick! Otherwise, how can keep keeping on?

Anywho, here I am, uncategorized, rolling in solitude at seventy miles an hour on the highway and it is odd to be alone in my head after is long. Graduate school is draining, my new baby (another month!) is taking up what brain waves are left, and somehow life keeps going in a forward direction. 


I could complain that there is no time, that I'm stressed or that I just need a break. Then I realize that I have this moment. I have a beautiful wife, a great family, a dog who keeps me on my ties and a baby on the way. 

Who should complain under those conditions? I have a moment. I think I'll roll with it, down the highway, me in my head and feeling good.

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Amy said...

How can I compete withe the spam comment above?
I liked how you talked about being in the back seat and then I saw the dog in the back seat and I thought... was that the dog speaking? Are even dogs hipster bloggers now? How is he using the phone?

Michael said...

Hipster dog bloggers? I'll ask Ollie-dog if he wants the job, but I think his schedule is full with all the chasing squirrels and licking his man-parts, stuff (not that he has all his man-parts, but he doesn't seem to notice and I don't have the heart to point out the obvious).

Ollie-dog would probably rock this blog thing, and certainly wouldn't pair an incompatible picture and text. Oh well, we all can't be hipster dog bloggers, right?

DMS said...

Take each moment you can! The backseat on your phone works. :) I am sure you are starting the new year with lots of excitement and probably some sleepless nights (with the baby). Glad to hear that life is good! Happy 2014 to you. :)