Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm Sure It Isn't Leprosy....

I have nothing profound to say, no cute story to tell, no wisdom worthy of imparting. I don’t even have a point, so if you read to the end, remember, I told you so. What I do have is a right thumb which is numb on the tip and has been for two straight days. Normally, and for no real reason, I would automatically think of leprosy, much in the vain of Thomas Covenant, only with far less drama and zero alternate worlds.

Leprosy seems horrible, so of course I expect to contract it, though I can’t say I’m in a high danger zone for such an event to occur. It just seems like my luck. And who can argue luck, right? Luck is like religion, though I refuse at this time to extend the metaphor further. I choose not to offend either the luck crowd or the religious crowd by any attempt at cleverness with my words.

I love everybody, so let’s forget I mentioned luck, religion, or leprosy. And forget Thomas Covenant, too, ok? I met some folks with very strong feelings concerning the Unbeliever and they seemed quite serious.

So, not offending, not telling interesting stories, nor contracting leprosy, but, and here is where someone might think I have a point, my thumb. It remains numb to the touch and all I can think is, disregarding the leprosy, perhaps my thumb has decided on its own to emulate my heart, cold and unfeeling. I might be in a position where I am a great big, numb hunk of meat, devoid of connections to anyone and anything. And it started with my thumb, folks.

I guess you can say, I will soon be as numb as a pounded thumb.

Was that too much? The joke too obscure, too obvious, just plain dumb? It was strictly organic, building as I wrote and just popped out, all fully formed. But it wasn’t my point. All kidding aside, my thumb is numb and I’m not sure why. I guess if it suddenly falls off, I’ll know it was serious and then I’ll really regret the joking attitude I took while writing this.

Soldier on, folks, and I guess I can only attempt the same. (And see, there really was no point, so don’t get mad, because I did warn you).